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Blue Sabbath Sabbath Black Cheer
Burning Witches 7"

Black Vinyl, Edition 100.
BSBC 2011 Assault Trio: Stan Reed, William Rage, Crystal Perez: Dense, Harsh Noise Drift; Dual Damaged Guitars; Broken Electronics and Faulty Cables; Roaring Vocals; Piercing Screams; Horror Show.
Recorded in Seattle 2011. Mastered by M S Waldron 2016. Released by !MONDO ANTHEM! 2017.


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Blue Sabbath Sabbath Black Cheer / The New Blockaders / irr. app. (ext.)
Phage Tapes

Available Now through Phage Tapes.
Reissue of the limited 1-sided BSBC DDTTNB 12"
Destruction Dedicated To The New Blockaders
Extended reissue features tracks from long-time BSBC collaborators Matt Waldron/irr. app. (ext.) and The New Blockaders, along with an extended assault composition, created by Matt Waldron, featuring all 3 groups.


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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Drowning II (NebelgÄrd Mose)