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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Masturbatory Dysfunction
Death / Put A Bag On It LP & Brown Bag Rag magazine

(Pent Up Release)

Masturbatory Dysfunction is the industrial-tinged Harsh Noise group featuring the alluring and extremely perverted Felicia Gaggins. Four tracks of harsh machine fucking noise and brown bag sex fantasies.
BSBC for this release was Stan Reed, wm.Rage, Crystal Perez, Gerald Hansen, and John Lukeman. 17+min exploration of death fantasies, a blast furnace of feedbacks, guitars, synths, and hate.

Black vinyl LP in an edition of 200 copies and including the 24pg Brown Bag Rag Volume 1 magazine, by Masturbatory Dysfunction, housed in a brown bag & limited to this release; featuring brown baggers, stories, letters and countless skulls.


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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Catacombs LP


Beautifully packaged LP reissue of the Catacombs c30, originally released in 2007 by Gnarled Forest Recordings. This is an edition of 99x copies, pressed on 140g black vinyl with black label housed in a black inner sleeve inside a deluxe silver screen-print on black cardboard sleeve w/insert on 160g ivory paper, released by the outstanding Italian label: Urashima.
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Early cassette releases, scattered vinyl, a very early CDr release. All out of print material.
Do with this information as you will.


Blue Sabbath Black Cheer soundcloud page:

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - Drowning II (NebelgÄrd Mose)


New releases coming soon:

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Black Leather Jesus
Diseased LP, edition 99
- split & collaboration with BLJ & BSBC!

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Crushing Skulls To Dust c46
Worthless Recordings
- Heavy bad vibe horror soundtrack.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Hymns LP
Gnarled Forest Recordings
- reissue of pure horror sounds from cassette splits with Hymns Of Despondent Solitude, Demonologists, and a compilation track: "Untitled" from the V/A- Bleak Village c83


BSBC Live in Providence, Rhode Island 12/14/2013.
Video Courtesy of Existence Establishment