Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (BSBC) formed in winter 2005, by wm.Rage and Stan Reed, rehearsing after-hours in the Electric Heavyland (R.I.P.) record store in Seattle, Washington, before moving into the garage in the alley behind the EHL where they rehearsed and recorded incessantly for the next 2 years, much to the dismay of all the neighbors. In 2007, leaving "The Bog", rehearsals and recordings then took place for a short time in an old garage next to a lake until a 4' rising of the lake destroyed the garage, equipment barely removed in time. The situation since has improved little.

The first BSBC performance was at the 5th Annual Victoria Noise Fest 2006 in British Columbia, Canada. Since then, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer has played over 50 shows in the Pacific Northwest region, toured the West Coast of the United States twice, and performed four more times in Canada.

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer has collaborated live and on recordings with such diverse artists as The New Blockaders, Nihilist Assault Group, Matt Waldron and irr. app. (ext.), Black Leather Jesus, Wicked King Wicker, Jon Kortland and Pig Heart Transplant, AstroMason (Hiroshi Hasagawa and Mason Jones), The Rita, Anakrid, Rubber(O)Cement, Du Hexen Hase, Crystal Perez (Pink Void), Geoff Walker (Gravitar), Scott Colburn (Wizard Prison), Chris Dodge (Spazz, Infest), Gerald Hanson (Eye Of Nix), Joy von Spain (Eye Of Nix), John Lukeman (Drowner), and Leslie Nichols-Rage (Numb Erone).